Protect yourself while protecting others

Our generation or the generation of our parents have never come across the situation we are finding ourselves in today. Majority of us are forced to stop working and are staying at home. No one knows how long this could continue for, or even after this is over, nothing can guarantee that it does not happen again. Could there be another virus? So many questions – and at the moment, not that many answers.

What can we do until the vaccine is found?

First of all, we need to do everything in our power to ensure, that we, our parents and our families don’t catch this vicious virus. While the vaccine is not found, the only barrier protecting us from any type of viruses is our IMMUNE SYSTEM, even children know that! If we have a good immune system, virus won’t be able to get in.
If the immune system is not very strong or compromised, as in elderly or people with the pre-existing conditions or bad health, unfortunately, the chances of a virus getting in are much higher. Therefore, the first thing that we all can do is to try and boost our Immune System.

How can you boost your Immune System?

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